Thursday, January 21, 2010


 This week has been crazy in California. There has been a number of storms, Tornado warnings ( so weird), power outages, flash floods and that's just a few things. I'm actually enjoying it because I've only had to deal with the wind and rain, and that can be fun sometimes. My only problem is that I hate pants. So, i've been trying my hardest to dress as warmly as possible but still feel they way want to.

My boyfriends 27th birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I'm really having a hard time deciding what to get for him. I was thinking a few CD's he's been hinting towards and a new jacket or something. For some reason it seems so lame? Is it just me or is that too generic? I'm so bad at this.

Work recently has been really strange for me. Even though Christmas is now over... that's exactly what I'm designing for. I'm not sure if like. I seem to still be dreaming of sugar plums and nutcrackers when i wish i was..... of anything else!!

Here are a few things i've been drooling over the last few days:

I'm not sure what i love more about this Elliot lookbook. The clothes, or that adorable model!

I'm pretty excited for spring 2010 at H&M .
I would probably buy all of that!

I just thought this was really adorable. Chanel Iman in Vogue Germany. 




  1. Why do models look so creepy sometimes?? I'm referring to the H&M ones...they look like the usual runway know, tweaked out on cocaine likely?


    Keep posting meeja!

  2. Well, i'm guessing the look is true to the experience! I guess it's bad to assume... but what the hell!

    I miss you Anna, even more when you call me meeja!

  3. Hey,nice blog! I like the clothes!
    I find it hard to choose gifts for men too.. :)