Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well, in a few short hours the last month of the year will finally be here. Now starts the time of year where I feel extra crazy, have way too much to do, and somehow ALWAYS spend way more money then planned. This year I'm trying to keep things simple. Work is pretty crazy, so there is no need to make my life worse then it needs to be in the name of a holiday. Don't get me wrong, I love the 'idea' of the holidays... just not everything that has to come with it. How about lets just all drink and be merry and forget about all the gifts and maybe pay some bills? Hmmm, probably not . 

In hope of keeping my wallet and/or bank accounts from some what full into next year I shall be doing what I've done in years past and try to be totally DIY. Since the last few years I kind of made similar things i was thinking this year something new was in order. 

So Sunday I had the boy take my to the craft store to buy some yearn and knitting supplies. Well, I really though this was going to be so fun. I would look up a few things online, I would totally pick it up and have at LEAST one knitted hat by the end of the day. NOPE! This did not happen. At this moment I still have only managed to get the stupid yarn cast on to ONE sheer.  I'm really happy I at least figured this out a month before my deadline. Guess I will have to take a quick course this weekend! Anyone know how to knit?

I guess I'll leave out talking about Thanksgiving, I've gone to far already. HAHAHA.

Happy Tuesday Interwebs. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010


I knew after this weekend, Monday was not going to be a great day for me. Why, you ask? After leaving the city and not making it to H&M I decided since I was on my way to San Jose, I would stop by there H&M! Well, Fail # 2 now takes place. NO LANVIN! I guess the a little detail like 'select stores' might have been something worth picking up on. So as I make my rounds about the Internet, and cry into my coffee... I'll have to only dream about getting my hands on that red Tulle dress.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Friday, November 19, 2010

H&M Bound

Tomorrow is the release of Lanvin for H&M. I'm  so excited to be able to make it up to the City to check it out. Since I don't live in a metropolitan area or drive for that matter, I more normally miss out on all this stuff. It's a really nice coincidence that I decided to go up to San Fransisco this weekend. I told my BF I wouldn't make the whole trip a shopping excursion, but that I HAD to at least drop by H&M before leaving town. From what I've seen around the web I'm excited to see at least 95% of the collection. Totally hoping a few things will stand out and make my decisions a little easier! 

Another thing I'm looking forward to is going by The Grove  for a cup of the best coffee in the City! At least I think so. Having worked with coffee a lot in the pas, I am always trying to find something I consider special. (Starbucks is NOT good coffee, people. C'mon now!) Probably going to hit up Haight St. and Amoeba Records as well. SF Is a special place for my BF and I. We used to take small trips there a lot in the begging, so it's going to be great to get back into something we love. I just some need bread from the pier, a bottle of Jager... and maybe a place to rest my head! Besides that, the city will provide everything I need!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wish List : Nasty Gal Edition

I know a while back I said I would do a weekly wish list series, and I totally haven't done it! So here is edition 2 to the series! This week I'm showing my current picks at NastyGal.com . I LOVE  this store. Such a good mix of modern/classic styles, there is even a vintage section on there! What girl doesn't like to get a little nasty? Right? Right. Enjoy. <3

All items from NastyGal.com all under $200. ( we all know I'm a cheap ass)


Pass The Blame

Model, Musician, Celebrity daughter..and so much more. Eliot, you are like the perfect mix of Erin Wasson and Alexa Chung. This is probably why I am in love with you.... and you make music with Robyn.. extra points for that. So happy it's Thursday. I have some fun adventures coming up the next few weekends.

all images via google images

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I know I'm not the only one out there pulling inspiration from music and the people who make it with fashion. For me one of the people I get the most from is Robyn. I know I've probably mentioned her on here more than maybe you care to read about... but oh well, don't read this if you don't like her! She has been around since the 90's. I had no idea who she was more than a few years ago, but that's beside the point. She just has such a great personal style and I dig her music. Probably one of the few things that always put me in a good mood 100% of the time. That's really saying something for me... I'm moody! hahaha. She really gives off that "I'm doing what I want, Fuck you if you don't like it" kind of vibe, I think few have.

I really wish I had the courage to be as playfull with my style as her. I also would love to have my hair like that at least once in my life! 

Till next time,

Monday, November 8, 2010


Why are Mondays always viewed as a bad day? What happened to new beginnings? It is the first day of the week after all. 



Friday, November 5, 2010

Disco Queen

So I pretty much love anything that might make me look like a Disco Ball... 
so I'm sure you can imagine I pretty much love this dress. Not that I can afford it or anything. So if anyone super nice person wants to blow 600 bucks for me, be my guest. My guess is I'll just go on lusting forever. 

Thinking of trying to knit some beanies this weekend. Probably wont happen, but it's always nice to think I might actually be productive one of these days!
Happy Weekend.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hope everyone had a Great/Safe Halloween. Mine was pretty low key... but now I'm ready to start planing New Years! It is only 2 months away now.

Happy Hump Day