Thursday, December 30, 2010


Just a few pictures from Christmas. I realized most of the pictures taken ended up on other family members cameras. A little disappointed. Hopefully I can get my mitts on those. Happy New Year Everyone!


Just a little...

Hello! I'm about to bust at the moment waiting to get of work for the last time in 2010! So exciting to me. Just about an hour to go. 
Looking forward to the weekend ahead in San Fransisco with my boyfriend to ring in the new year! Might be back later today to throw up some Christmas photos before it really just becomes irrelevant!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dropping the ball

I really can't believe its almost 2011. This year has really flow by. I can't believe I've been posting consistently for the whole time as well! I never once thought I would actually follow through to the extent I have at this point. Being as I'm much more of a dreamer then someone who applies those dreams. I know there is a lot I HAVEN'T actually done that I said I would, but I've never tried to make this blog an obligations. I hope it will always feel as new and exciting as it does now. I really look forward to sharing things with my very small, but growing group of readers. I see this blog not only growing, but becoming the best source of documentation I will have for this period in my life. So needless to say, I'm happy I chose to start blogging.

Now, to make a list of resolutions for the upcoming year or not? I have no bias for or against making them. I feel in the long run what difference does it make? You will follow through with these things if they mean enough to you, and you probably wont if they don't. Making a list doesn't mean you will do anything! So, maybe I will .... maybe I wont. I do know however, that I would like to focus on an actual direction for my blog. It does tend to be a bit all over the place when it comes to the content I write about or share...  but then again, maybe that is my direction? Focusing on bettering myself both in the physical and mental state are really important to me this year as well. I feel if I'm ever going to make progress in my own life I need to start with good ground work. A great foundation. Right now, my 'house' might be built on sand, not stone. If that makes sense. 

Sorry for the lack of fashion oriented posts, Christmas pictures still to come. I'm sure I will have plenty more to share after this weekend as well. Happy New Years everyone!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Brother!

Finally, finally , finally I got a sewing machine! Thanks to my BF I got my first sewing machine for Christmas. Well, I guess I can't say that exactly. I do own an antique Singer from the 40's, it is fully functioning... but I've always been to scared to use it. It serves much better as a cute desk at the moment anyway.
So, last night after all our Holiday things had finally settled down for the weekend I decided to sit down with a glass of Pierrier Jouet and try and set it up. To my own surprise ( and I'm sure my Greg's ) I actually got everything set up and running! Okay, Okay... I really only got everything threaded and practiced using the different styles of stitches on old paper bags. I think tonight I may try practicing making a straight seam and sewing along a curved edge. If any of you readers sew, and have any recommendations on sewing for beginners or anything that may be helpful let me know! I really am open to any and all resources.

I think the first thing I'm going to tackle is my SEW U book. A friend of mine got me this book for Christmas a few years back and I've still never used it. Obviously.  I've read the intro a few times so hopefully I can just into it once I feel ready and have something to show soon. I really hope everyone had a great Holiday, however you celebrate. I know I did. Pictures soon!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost here...

Getting excited for the next two days. Finally about to get off work for the rest of the weekend! Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First day of winter....

Finally, winter is actually here. All this cold and dreary weather is no longer in vain! Even with the colder-then-normal weather I've been feeling the need for some more color in my life. I've been dreaming of light baby pinks, blues, yellows, peaches, and lilacs. Funny thing to me is, most of these colors are totally absent from my wardrobe on a regular basis. I think maybe my sudden change of heart has something to do with the fact I've noticed I almost ALWAYS dress like a boy or in all black. Not exactly the most exciting thing. I really need to inject some more frills and girlie-ness into my life again! 

So last night after helping prepare dinner ( i.e. dishes and prep! I'm not the chef in the house!) I decided to paint my nails a nice pale shade of pink... then decided they needed some sparkle so I added some pink glitter to the lower portion ( think Chanel half moon manicure ) . I am actually pretty pleases with the results. Maybe a picture later, now that my camera is functioning again. 

Totally off subject... I got some cool news today. One of my designs for Robert Talbot is in stores right now! Yes, they are cheesy, wonderful, colorful Holiday themed ties, but I made them none-the-less. So you can say I feel quite proud at this moment! So I think maybe once I am on my mini-vacation at the end of the week I'll pop in and take a picture to share with you all.

I hope everyone is ready for the Holidays. They are just a few days away now!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Guess what the post is about yet? New Years Eve maybe? Wow, you guys are so smart! Anyway, enough humor ( Don't worry, I know I'm not actually funny) ... Now that NYE is only about 2 weeks away I really need to get -to - gettin with my outfit. So in true Faking IT fashion,  ( and the fact I, myself really only have about a $150 dollar budget for my look) I'll try and share my cheap New Years worthy finds with you! #1 item, dress. I tend to scour sales before looking at regular priced items, luckily I found something over at I really like.

Dress by Asos $79. 30
 I really love the bustle in the back of this. Pretty much the whole reason I love the dress. My bf told me to wear something black ( The whole day is a surprise! I told him my only stipulation to a surprise is tell me what to wear and give me one good hour to get ready!) but I think I actually prefer the Orchid/ Fuchsia color. We will see. 

#2 would have to be, shoes!  Trying to find the right shoes is always hard for me. I am a bit clumsy so heals aren't the best choice for me..... but of course I wear them anyway. I'm pretty sure I look like a baby bird trying to walk for the first time. Anyway, back to shoe choices. Since I'm really buying them with only one night in mind, I'm thinking cheap cheap cheap. What comes to mind when I say cheap ( besides birds? ) Forever21! Best place in my eyes for clothes that can easily be sent out with the next days waste if need be, i.e. perfect for new years. 

Shoes Forever21 1) $22.80  2) $32.80

After these, all I will need is loads of jewels and metal object to adorn around my neck and fingers.... ( something like this plus some of these or these ) Maybe a cute clutch even a clutch ( maybe not, I tend to lose things small while out and about. Giving my bf my I.D. is usually the best option ) . I may or may not freeze my tiny butt of that night... but who cares? Go big or go home, right?

Hope everyone is having a great week. 


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Quick, Quick, Fast, Fast.

Quick update! Happy Thursday Faking it readers. Haha ( how lame does that sound?) To even my own surprise, I've been working on a project at home. My BF's mom taught me to knit this last weekend and I've been trying to dedicate at least an hour each night after work on trying to actually make something! ( I'll tell you all when/if I ever finish said project) Maybe I'll even have to throw up a quick picture showing my progress and maybe even my face for once! Maybe!

On another note....I'm finally seeing some real traffic as of late here ( compared to the last year, really sad numbers when it comes to toher blogs), a little exciting. So if you stop by and read on a regular basis, add the blog! Haha, I would appreciate it greatly.

Hope everyone has a great week, and has great plans for the weekend! I know I'm going to try and head back up to the Bay! Hopefully a stop by Santa Cruz to see some friends and make s much needed stop by The Red for some garlic fries and cocktails!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


source: spanishmossblog

Glitter on the hallway

Just a few things that caught my eye over at ASOS.COM. I'm sure no one will be surprised they are all covered in sequins. I think its perfect for the LBD during the Holidays. 
Special Holiday post coming soon, with the help of a dear friend of mine. Really excited about that one. Hope everyone is staying sane during the made rush from Thanksgiving to New Years.  I know time is slipping by me way too fast for my own good. If only I could slow things down and enjoy the Holidays for once.

Dress by Aqua
Dress by Minkpink
Dress by Rare

Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm hearing these stories....

'The light blinds my eyes So I can't see You're too far away To come home to me Forget the rest Whatever's been done Showing your best You run your own run Stick to your course Don't leave me behind I am too into you To change up my mind (so just run..) Im hearing these stories Could they be true Im hearing these stories All about you Im hearing these stories Could they be true Im hearing these stories But I still like you..'

Ghost & Misty- Stories