Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So, the new decade has begun! Since this is the case I've decided to make some changes in 2010. First off i would just really like to get my life after high school started. Yes, its been 5 years now but i just haven't really gone anywhere. I started at a jc in '05, but only got through a year a classes, if that! Since then I have literally just worked and lived my life.

So, this year i AM going to:
* go back to school to study fashion design
* start picking up where i left off on most of my hobbies ( i.e., sewing, making jewelery, drawing)
* start blogging more
* create stronger relationships with my family and friend
* save money to go the NY in May or June

I think we all get the idea! haha.

On the the real point, my blog. So obviously , fashion is a passion of mine. In the last few years i have really grown an appreciation for my own fashion and for that of the others around me. My title faking it is just to say i have no clue what I'm actually doing, and no money to back My obsession! so, hence me needing to FAKE IT! I tend to buy something cheap that resembles what I'm going for and still pull off the same feeling as the high end look i want! mix and mach, right?

Here are a few things i 'wish' i could have, and some things i 'can' have!

Wishing for:

Stella McCartney
silk dress
find at net-a-porter

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania
find at net-a-poter

Affordable needs:

Fringe Dress
Forever 21

Jersey Dress
top shop

Wavy Spot Dress
top shop

Happy Tuesday!

xoxo faker

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