Monday, January 25, 2010

Lazy Monday.

This weekend was finally a relaxing one. Went out to my old work for dinner on Saturday and spent the whole day at home for once on Sunday. It was wonderful!


So while browsing the internet I came across these pictures and I really want to re-create one of these. These are all by a man named James Hopkins. I love how at first glance it's just a normal shelf. The longer you stare you begin to realize all the perfectly placed object. Hey, It's a skull! I really want to do something similar!

I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming of this dress from TOP SHOP. I just can't decide what color I like more! Maybe some help is in order?!?!

(I know these are really small picture. whoops!) Here's the link, help me pick one!

Well, Happy Trails Everyone!

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