Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Guess what the post is about yet? New Years Eve maybe? Wow, you guys are so smart! Anyway, enough humor ( Don't worry, I know I'm not actually funny) ... Now that NYE is only about 2 weeks away I really need to get -to - gettin with my outfit. So in true Faking IT fashion,  ( and the fact I, myself really only have about a $150 dollar budget for my look) I'll try and share my cheap New Years worthy finds with you! #1 item, dress. I tend to scour sales before looking at regular priced items, luckily I found something over at ASOS.com I really like.

Dress by Asos $79. 30
 I really love the bustle in the back of this. Pretty much the whole reason I love the dress. My bf told me to wear something black ( The whole day is a surprise! I told him my only stipulation to a surprise is tell me what to wear and give me one good hour to get ready!) but I think I actually prefer the Orchid/ Fuchsia color. We will see. 

#2 would have to be, shoes!  Trying to find the right shoes is always hard for me. I am a bit clumsy so heals aren't the best choice for me..... but of course I wear them anyway. I'm pretty sure I look like a baby bird trying to walk for the first time. Anyway, back to shoe choices. Since I'm really buying them with only one night in mind, I'm thinking cheap cheap cheap. What comes to mind when I say cheap ( besides birds? ) Forever21! Best place in my eyes for clothes that can easily be sent out with the next days waste if need be, i.e. perfect for new years. 

Shoes Forever21 1) $22.80  2) $32.80

After these, all I will need is loads of jewels and metal object to adorn around my neck and fingers.... ( something like this plus some of these or these ) Maybe a cute clutch even a clutch ( maybe not, I tend to lose things small while out and about. Giving my bf my I.D. is usually the best option ) . I may or may not freeze my tiny butt of that night... but who cares? Go big or go home, right?

Hope everyone is having a great week. 


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  1. I love the platforms on those shoes!