Tuesday, December 21, 2010

First day of winter....

Finally, winter is actually here. All this cold and dreary weather is no longer in vain! Even with the colder-then-normal weather I've been feeling the need for some more color in my life. I've been dreaming of light baby pinks, blues, yellows, peaches, and lilacs. Funny thing to me is, most of these colors are totally absent from my wardrobe on a regular basis. I think maybe my sudden change of heart has something to do with the fact I've noticed I almost ALWAYS dress like a boy or in all black. Not exactly the most exciting thing. I really need to inject some more frills and girlie-ness into my life again! 

So last night after helping prepare dinner ( i.e. dishes and prep! I'm not the chef in the house!) I decided to paint my nails a nice pale shade of pink... then decided they needed some sparkle so I added some pink glitter to the lower portion ( think Chanel half moon manicure ) . I am actually pretty pleases with the results. Maybe a picture later, now that my camera is functioning again. 

Totally off subject... I got some cool news today. One of my designs for Robert Talbot is in stores right now! Yes, they are cheesy, wonderful, colorful Holiday themed ties, but I made them none-the-less. So you can say I feel quite proud at this moment! So I think maybe once I am on my mini-vacation at the end of the week I'll pop in and take a picture to share with you all.

I hope everyone is ready for the Holidays. They are just a few days away now!


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