Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh Brother!

Finally, finally , finally I got a sewing machine! Thanks to my BF I got my first sewing machine for Christmas. Well, I guess I can't say that exactly. I do own an antique Singer from the 40's, it is fully functioning... but I've always been to scared to use it. It serves much better as a cute desk at the moment anyway.
So, last night after all our Holiday things had finally settled down for the weekend I decided to sit down with a glass of Pierrier Jouet and try and set it up. To my own surprise ( and I'm sure my Greg's ) I actually got everything set up and running! Okay, Okay... I really only got everything threaded and practiced using the different styles of stitches on old paper bags. I think tonight I may try practicing making a straight seam and sewing along a curved edge. If any of you readers sew, and have any recommendations on sewing for beginners or anything that may be helpful let me know! I really am open to any and all resources.

I think the first thing I'm going to tackle is my SEW U book. A friend of mine got me this book for Christmas a few years back and I've still never used it. Obviously.  I've read the intro a few times so hopefully I can just into it once I feel ready and have something to show soon. I really hope everyone had a great Holiday, however you celebrate. I know I did. Pictures soon!


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  1. I've been wishing for a sewing machine too! I've only picked up basic hand-sewing from my grandma when I was young, but it takes way too long to do for large projects.

    Hope you get some pointers on sewing, and congratulations on your gift!