Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Velvatine Rabit

Today while at work I got to thinking about all of the different types of fabrics out there and the different emotions they actually envoke. I love working with textiles because great fabrics can make an item that much more alluring. I got to thinking "what fabrics really get me excited? Lace? Eh, It's great. I wear a lot of it. Always a great feminine choice. Cotton? Best basic fabric around. Not, OMG worthy. Silk? AMAZING, but still not what makes me go va-va-voom. Velvet? Oh yeeeeeah. 
I would say velvet to me is such a sexy, versatile fabric I don't know why I've never owned for items made of it! Right now one brand that is actually not out of this world when it comes to price range totally doing it for me is, Spanish Moss Vintage. Suzanna the brains behind the operation it not only adorably but actually unique in a world full of desperately unique people. She is every travelers dream. Not only is her shop full of great vintage you would never actually find at home, but her own line called American Gold. This is where my velvet comes into play! Her new line is just FULL of it! I am so happy for them, it seems as if things are really getting big around there. I remember when I was still browsing ebay for there things!

Here are a few of the images from her American Gold collection. From the looks of it a few of my favorite items are already sold out! So you better hurry if YOU want one!


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