Monday, August 9, 2010


Wow, I'm actually over 10 followers! Haha, not too much to be excited about... but hey, I am! I've been getting a little feed back on the blog (mostly good), so that's always encouraging.

One of my all time favorite brands has always been Free People. I think I bought a sweater set from a local boutique in High School and have been hooked ever since.  Even thought each season seems to change drastically from the next, I always seem to find at least a few things worth having in my closet. They recently came out with a new collection called Vintage Loves, and I'm totally smitten. Here are a few things I love from the collection. 
I just realized as I uploaded these that they are all the same color pallet.  Well, at least I'm consistant! I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I'm off to see Rush in Mt. View tonight. VERY excited. I'll leave you all with a song from them.

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  1. AH FREE PEOPLE! Definitely one of my absolute favorites, and I cannot wait for this new fall stuff; it's absolutely gorgeous (all the lace detail). I like their clothing because it is timeless. I have stuff that I have owned for quite a few years, and it is still in style.