Monday, July 11, 2011

oh, Hai!

Well, if it isn't my Blog! Long time no see! I've been in a very non-blogger mood lately... but I will be back soon. Hopefully have a few DIY's I can actually hold myself accountable to! It actually just been really nice not even thinking about my blog. Sometimes we all just need a little break from the day-to-day.

In some personal news, I just celebrated my 6 year anniversary with my Fiance! Pretty weird if you ask me! It's hard to believe I have been with him since I was 19. Such little kids we were. ( hahaha, like it was sooo long ago? I guess we still are in retrospect) We spent a nice 3 day break just enjoying the summer weather. We had bigger plans but decided low-key was a better option... we do have a wedding to be planning! ( News on wedding planning soon. Major changes! This girl could NOT handle planning a big wedding. So i'm opting for something a lot smaller and much, much more meaningful .

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer. Happy Belated 4th!


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