Thursday, July 14, 2011

I think I just died a little...

From pure joy! Hahaa, okay, okay... I kid! I'm not really going to die. You know that feeling though, right? That one where you stumble across something you weren't even looking for. Bam, there it is? Well, I totally had that this morning. I have been really obsessing over these Prada oxford platforms from the Spring 11 collection and I have found some great knock offs! Okay, I know. Am I really willing to tell you I found something like this? Yes! I really don't care how people feel about all of this BS. I can't afford fucking Prada shoes people! So this is as good as it gets for me... and I don't care! I found these sweet puppies online this morning from an interesting site I came across yesterday. I almost don't want to share, because I want a pair when they finally go on sale! Oh , well... just save me a pair! 

Via google images 

Real pair show on top left.
Sweet find on bottom! There really only $71.99!

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  1. Anonymous3.8.11

    Love the checked shoes in the top right weird & wonderful.
    Just found your blog today I love that you are just blogging about what you like rather than just adding whats in current fashion.
    Looking forward to reading more your on my blogroll :)
    Zoe -