Friday, February 11, 2011

Lost ( no, not the show)

Does anyone else feel really lost and super weird when they forget the ever important cell phone at home? It's not like I HAVE to have my phone on me at all times because I'm super popular or something. I just feel... lost. Separation anxiety of sorts. Silly, I know.

Busy weekend ahead, but in the best of ways. This must be what growing up feels like? Or maybe I've just had a huge change of mindset after getting engaged? I have this strong actual, whole hearted desire to be domestic. Ugh, my mom would drop dead if she read this. But really, since when do I WANT to actually organize my whole house. Since when do I WANT to vacuum out every crack and corner to my house? Since when do I have the WANT to make bagels and macaroons? Really, though?

Maybe I'll find the time to finally getting up some pictures from last weekends hiking adventure. ( Hello, 70 degree weather in February. @ 5pm nonetheless!) Don't hold your breath. I'm not making any promises!


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