Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm not too sure, but is that how you would spell Festivus? No, its not a word.... this I know. However, if you area Seinfeld freak like my fiance and I are... this make total sense.

Moving on. Valentines Day. This is the point! Most people either love or hate this holiday. Very few are neutral. I on the other hand, feel like its just another day.  I wont be sad that we work all day Monday and I'm not passing out cute little cards with horrible chalky candies no one really wants anyway. With this being said, Sunday we are going to just pretty much treat each other all day with yummy food and love. The guy is making steaks and something else for dinner. I think I'll make bagels for breakfast!  I made a onion tart last weekend and it was delicious! I really want to make something yummy for after dinner and I think I may have found it!

Saw this on Marry you me today and I was sold. I've never made anything like this before. I guess we all have to start some where. Go here for the recipe and all that good stuff if you want to do that same and treat someone you love to this very festive treat.

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