Friday, February 4, 2011


Quick post. Nothing new really to update with. The weather is warming up again just in time for the weeks end here in California. Great timing too. I'm currently finishing up all the loose ends of my planning for my fiances birthday tomorrow. His actual birthday isn't till Tuesday, but since we work the whole day I decided to plan something over the weekend. Not going to say what were doing exactly. Since he reads the blog,  it wouldn't be the smartest move for me to make! If all goes according to plan it should be nice and relaxing for him. Just what the doctor ordered I think..... Superbowl on Sunday of course. Carne asada, beers, chips, the whole nine yards. Excited!

Also, I added a silly little banner at the bottom of the page. Oh, you know... just a little count down of sorts. God, 582 seems really far off. 


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