Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soon Enough

So a sewing school opened up in the building that I work in this past may.  Recently I  have gotten close with the owner and have decided to take a on- going sewing class starting this fall. I'm so excited. All I have ever wanted to do in life is make my own clothes, sell enough to pay the bills and just enjoy my life. So starting September I may finally be on my way. I've been looking into fashion marketing classes to start in the fall as well. I'm pretty excited at this point.

I was doing my daily online browsing and saw a cute simple white blouse on ModCloth and really think I want to try and replicate it. I wish I was taking my sewing class now so I could wear it this summer. Oh well, all in time. Right?

Pictured above is the shirt I would love to make. well, obviously. Hahaha, Hope everyone is enjoying the week. It's been cold a dreary in Monterey this week. I really hope it gets better before summer is totally gone. 


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