Monday, July 12, 2010

It's beggining to look a lot like

Yes, It's almost half way through most peoples , but in Monterey, Ca we don't have the 'traditional' summers. Indian summers are what I hold out for every year. Some last longer, some come sooner, sometimes it doesn't come at all. Never the less, I sit and I wait.  I love nothing more than the feel of a summer dress against my skin... A warm breeze through my tangled hair. As the weather finally starts to look up for me I'm on the hunt for a simple summer frock. Asos is having a great sale right now and I think I found one on the cheap. White, embroidered and the perfect length. I can easily be worn in the fall with a pair of tights.
I think I shall purchase this today. In fact, I know I will!

Off to Sacramento tomorrow to die in the heat and take my boyfriend to a Tool concert. I've never ventured to my state capitol so at least it's some what of a new venture. Brainstorming on outfits tonight to try and stay as cool as possible.


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