Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's all about the shoes with me lately...

It seems I'm becoming addicted to shoes... Maybe it's just because that's the one thing my closet has always lacked a great variety of. I saw these bad boys online yesterday and went to go purchase them but to my dismay, they only have size 11 left.  boo-hoo. I'll just have to wait till they pop up on ebay... ugh, at probably double the price!

I've been doing a lot of life thinking the past few days. A lot in my life has been so up in the air for so long I'm thinking it's time to finally pick a direction for my life and future. It's just so hard when you don't know what is the most realistic option for me. I'm not all about pumping myself full of fantasies that will never come true( i.e. probably ever getting into the fashion industry). I guess that's a horribly pessimistic way to look at it.. but hey, that's just me I guess.

Well, enough with that. I hope everyone is enjoying there week so far. 


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