Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, as you all may have noticed I've been lacking in the post department. Work has been extremely busy and hectic this last month and it's all really taking a toll on what I can actually do during the day (blogging for example) .  Since I sadly do not have the internet at home I only post at work. I really should be working now, I just frankly need a break. 

I've been long awaiting the Garden Collection at H&M, so this weekend I went to the closest location to me. I actually didn't end up purchasing any of it. Don't get me wrong, some of it IS really desirable I  just think I might wait till it goes on sale! I'm really cheap and don't often buy things full price unless I think it might sell out, or I just can't wait. I'm actually used to waiting because my boyfriend and I have been through a lot, and up till a little over a year ago I actually didn't buy much for myself. I usually only purchased clothes and things of this nature around my birthday and Christmas. So I think I'm just really used to not buying to buy. I also have never owned a credit card ! I don't think clothes should ever be purchased on credit. I know a lot of people make more money than I do so I guess this isn't always the case... but I only spend money I have. This way I never get into debt. No debt is always the way to go.

Wow, sidetracked!

I did actually purchase my first pair of boyfriend jeans! I need to take the waist and butt in though, because I have really large legs and got them to fit my legs. I'll need to take an outfit picture this week because I got a few other really cute things. 

My boyfriend pointed out to me today that I've been buying a TON a things that have shoulder pads and/or really large "puffy" shoulders! I love it, I'm guessing he isn't as fond by his comments. hahaha. What does everyone think of this trend? Balmain has some of the best structured shoulders this season in my opinion. I also think they can do no wrong, so i may not be the best one to give advice.
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Happy Tuesday!

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