Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Story!

Well, I have to start off saying I wrote this all out earlier... and didn't save it. Lame. Good thing I don't mind talking about it!

If you read my last post you know I got engaged this past weekend and I just wanted to share a bit of everything! So on NYE my then bf took me to SF for a little getaway.. little did I know what he really had planned. He took me for an adorable stroll through Golden Gate Park, where he popped the question! I said yes, of course. Later he took me out to a few other surprises, it was so romantic!

I just wanted to leave you guys with a few pictures. ( Yes, he even thought to bring a camera and tripod! )

He did well I think!

And out for the night....

Happy Tuesday.


Soon to be A/S


  1. OMG aww amelia you guys are as cute as ever and your ring is AMAZING. still so excited and happy. I'll be waiting for my invitation ;p

  2. Thank you so much Brit!!!! I'm so happy! We really need to get together soon, there is sooo much more I didn't even say on there. I'll probably have some free time coming up closer to the end of the month!