Monday, January 10, 2011

i've got a feeling..

My blog is going to take an extreme shift in content soon. Not only because I got engaged and I'm on wedding websites/blogs 24/7, frankly I have had very little desire to blog lately. I still love checking out my daily reads and what not...there just isn't a strong drive to share much. Not that fashion is lacking in my life at the moment.. it's just really taken the back burner. Being engaged is a little more all consuming then I had expected. I guess I really shouldn't be... I tend to fully submerse myself in anything I find exciting or look forward too. When planning my trip to Mexico this last June, I bet I read 100% of the information on the spot we were staying. That obsessive! This will either be great ... or horrible. I haven't quite decided. Give me 6 month and if my hair hasn't started to fall out yet, I will probably be in the clear. 

Happy Monday everyone.

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