Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well, in a few short hours the last month of the year will finally be here. Now starts the time of year where I feel extra crazy, have way too much to do, and somehow ALWAYS spend way more money then planned. This year I'm trying to keep things simple. Work is pretty crazy, so there is no need to make my life worse then it needs to be in the name of a holiday. Don't get me wrong, I love the 'idea' of the holidays... just not everything that has to come with it. How about lets just all drink and be merry and forget about all the gifts and maybe pay some bills? Hmmm, probably not . 

In hope of keeping my wallet and/or bank accounts from some what full into next year I shall be doing what I've done in years past and try to be totally DIY. Since the last few years I kind of made similar things i was thinking this year something new was in order. 

So Sunday I had the boy take my to the craft store to buy some yearn and knitting supplies. Well, I really though this was going to be so fun. I would look up a few things online, I would totally pick it up and have at LEAST one knitted hat by the end of the day. NOPE! This did not happen. At this moment I still have only managed to get the stupid yarn cast on to ONE sheer.  I'm really happy I at least figured this out a month before my deadline. Guess I will have to take a quick course this weekend! Anyone know how to knit?

I guess I'll leave out talking about Thanksgiving, I've gone to far already. HAHAHA.

Happy Tuesday Interwebs. 


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