Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is not a fashion post...

Many of my posts or not fashion oriented , but are mostly unimportant on a lot of levels. I've been watching a great show on Hulu recently, and I feel like it's something I need to share with people. Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is something I've been waiting for, for a LONG time. Many people in this country have no idea the importance of food in our lives, and I think this show really proves that point well. I find it really sad to watch all of these adults feeding those poor children this disgusting food . I do understand that a lot of places in this country serve such things due to lack of health education and financial issues. However, the ignorance of some of them and the pure lack of being open minded is absurd. 

I grew up in a family where we did not eat that great, but once I became old enough to make my own decisions I changed a lot about that aspect of my life. I actually lost about 75 just because of this.
Unfortunately most people don't do that. 

This is something you need to watch for yourself and share with your family. Obesity in our children in this country is out of control and something needs to be done about it.  It's really sad it takes someone from another country ( one that's not even know for it's healthy food ) to show us what we are doing is wrong. I'm not saying I'm not saying I'm the healthiest of eater, but I do make a point to eat home cooked meals. Always from scratch. I've even got into making my own breads! ( thanks to my boyfriend ) I think this needs to be shown in schools from elementary to adult school. Everyone needs to at least start thinking about what they put in there mouths. It could change there lives. 

Enough ranting. Everyone have a great HEALTHY day!


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