Thursday, February 18, 2010

Speed Racer
Today's post is going to be very fast because work is so insane right now. My boss is in New York visiting our clients in there offices there and they want a bunch of new designs ready for Monday to show to there clients! I hope we can finish on time. Looks like another weekends full of work. 

On another note I visited a new blog today and I think I fell in love. Zanita is beautiful and full of energy and has an amzing style. I could be super creepy and look at her pictures all day, but I wont. It's hard to resist , though. Since i have no means to entertain any of you with my own findings, check out her's.

Take care fellow internet junkies,

xoxo A/C

 here's my last look from  just for color!

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  1. Delighted you like my blog, thanks for the reference. Don't stalk my archives too far... my first six months of images are awful! hehe
    I love that grey skirt you pointed out in the below post.... might see if i can have one tailored...
    Have a great weekend!!