Monday, May 2, 2011

To the MAX

First attempt at a maxi skirt. Thought it turned out well. No patter used just watched a quick video on youtube a few months back and ran with it. I'll hopefully be putting some on Etsey soon. Totally customizable. I made  a lil crop top to go with it, but it defiantly wasn't work approved, so maybe I'll post that soon.  



  1. Its cute! I love the fabric you used and the way you wore it. Mine aren't finished yet. I'll post pictures as well.

  2. lovely!
    I also made one last week, and all it has to be is a large tube of fabric right? I love how narrow yours turned out :)

  3. Thanks! I cut it in a half triangle shape to give it that fitted shape, also allows for a nice angled edge the the skirt hem.