Thursday, October 21, 2010

She want's this chapstick like Napoleon Dynamite.....

No fashion today. Just music. It seems all my brain can handle these days. 

Blogging is becoming less fun as time goes on as well. I never want this to be an obligation, so I'll make it what I want... not what I think you guys want. Sorry. I guess I really am becoming increasingly selfish as I get older. 

So here is a bit of music ( yet another thing showed to me by my much cooler friends) (me = not cool. never have been, never will be!). Even with how much I love music I tend to find something and stick with it... So I'm always open to suggestions! 

What's your favorite thing to listen to right now? 

Happy Birthday to my homegirl Angie. Love you girl. 

Happy listening everyone!


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